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Busy week, mostly writing-wise. I'm about 30,000 words into a 40,000 word project and I'm still not entirely sure where the hell it's going. LOL!

Though I did have the time to do 3 quick watercolor sketches in one of my smaller notebooks. Plus I decided to share some previous works with my ENT Twitter RPG group...I did some acrylic sketches of some scenes in our latest role-playing adventure. Feedback was mostly positive. I also showed a mom friend of mine the same small sketch notebook...I don't usually show a lot of people because I'm not sure what their reaction would be. I have displayed (and donated) a couple of works to the Charlotte International House, and had a table at a Spring Craft Show, but nothing really huge yet.

I guess I'm still somewhat of a chicken, as far as putting my work out there goes. Maybe I'm still nervous as to what people will say. I've had cirtiques ranging from "child-like" to "colorful". I've had an old colleague of mine compare my work to the bright murals he saw while he was in Mexico. But...once bitten, twice shy. I like painting and doing art because I like to, not because I'm looking for lots of money or because I'm an art snob.  My experience with "professional" art places haven't been all that great.

Sometime, I think I'm going to stick my neck out again and show my work. When I feel ready for it.


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...a very good place to start, as the song goes...

This makes it the, what, third blog I have? Something like that? Oh well. Thanks to seekergeek for the invite code! A bit of an intro:

I'm Annie, and I'm an artist, writer, editor and domestic engineer. I have 3 kids (the "mum" part), Christina, Michael and Sarah. Art and writing have been my links to sanity, especially since my older two kids are autistic. I could either laugh or cry about the challenges, but I choose to paint, draw and write instead. My LJ is mostly my writing and fics, while the one I have on Blogger is mostly about daily life. This one on DW is going to focus mostly on my art and the creative process.

I started painting 6 years ago, after my son Michael was born. I was doing it in oils, but now I do mostly acrylic and watercolor. I also do sumi-e (Chinese watercolor) and calligraphy. I draw in pastel (oil and chalk), watercolor pencil, colored pencil, ink, and brush pen. My art studio is my kitchen table. Not a lot of room, but at least I do have a place to set up and paint. And I usually find time late at night, after the kids go to sleep or on the weekends.

People ask me if I sleep at all. I joke, "Not really."

In any case, I'll be putting some of my work up here, and if you're on DW and would like to be friends, let me know!



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