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I know I've been really bad at keeping up this particular art journal, but I've been really swamped w/writing and family stuff. Michael started school this past Monday...he's been doing really well so far. Today, Christina's teacher and her 2 assistants came by for a home visit. Went well...this is the 4th home visit (2 when Michael was her teacher and now this is Christina's 2nd year) so I'm a veteran at this thing.

I finally started on my ATC (Artist Trading Cards) project. ATC's are basically miniature works of art that are made to fit on a piece of material (cardboard, canvas, whatever) that's about the size of a baseball card (about 2.5 in.x2.5 in or  6cmx9cm.). You can use paint, collage, fabric, whatever and the cards are usually traded with other artists instead of sold. I'd had this pack of blank ATC-sized cards for almost forever, but I could never find the time to actually work on this. Plus, I'm still getting used to doing my art on a small scale (I'm used to 16x20 canvases!)

Anyway, I made 6 little ATCs. 2 have quotes, one is a collage, and the other 3 are mini-paintings. And I had a lot of fun making 'em. They turned out OK, I think. I'll snap some pics of 'em and link 'em when I'm done. And if you trade in ATCs, drop me a line and we might do a trade.

Gonna sleep early though. Got the migraine from hell. :(

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...a very good place to start, as the song goes...

This makes it the, what, third blog I have? Something like that? Oh well. Thanks to seekergeek for the invite code! A bit of an intro:

I'm Annie, and I'm an artist, writer, editor and domestic engineer. I have 3 kids (the "mum" part), Christina, Michael and Sarah. Art and writing have been my links to sanity, especially since my older two kids are autistic. I could either laugh or cry about the challenges, but I choose to paint, draw and write instead. My LJ is mostly my writing and fics, while the one I have on Blogger is mostly about daily life. This one on DW is going to focus mostly on my art and the creative process.

I started painting 6 years ago, after my son Michael was born. I was doing it in oils, but now I do mostly acrylic and watercolor. I also do sumi-e (Chinese watercolor) and calligraphy. I draw in pastel (oil and chalk), watercolor pencil, colored pencil, ink, and brush pen. My art studio is my kitchen table. Not a lot of room, but at least I do have a place to set up and paint. And I usually find time late at night, after the kids go to sleep or on the weekends.

People ask me if I sleep at all. I joke, "Not really."

In any case, I'll be putting some of my work up here, and if you're on DW and would like to be friends, let me know!



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